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Scouting at Home during COVID-19

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Scouting, like all, has been impacted by COVID-19. The restrictions we are under to protect the health and well being of the population has meant a temporary pause to Scouting as we know it.

However, this hasn't stopped us. Scouting is resiliant, and we have adapted to "Do our Best" with scouting.

Scouting has moved to an online model for all Scouts in Victoria, and in addition, Scouts Victoria has waived all fees for youth members until March 2021. The want to encourage young people not in scouting to #BeAScout, and discover all the benefits scouting can offer.

At Box Hill North, we have kept all sections busy and running online.

  • For our Joeys, we are emailing out activity sheets each week to be completed by the Joey's in their own time.

  • For Cubs and Scouts, a regular online meeting at the usual meeting time, along with other activities at home helps keep the youth up to date with their award scheme work, and we have seen a wide variety of nights, from various games, scavenger hunts, cooking challenges, and many more.

  • Venturers and Rovers, being fundamentally Youth Lead, has seen them adapt their programs for online delivery.

We are very hopeful that we can return to Face to Face Scouting as soon as possible, but in the meantime we hope to continue to engage with young people online, and provide the best environment we can to continue their Scouting Journey. We would love to have any interested young people come and join us. Feel free to get in touch and chat about how you can get as much out of Scouting as our young people are!

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