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Box Hill North Scout Group is a member of Scouts Victoria. We are one of many local scout groups in Victoria, providing fantastic leadership and learning opportunities for young people aged 6 to 26 and beyond. We are a vibrant and long standing member of the community, and are still providing fantastic self education opportunities for people of all ages. We always welcome new members, and encourage anyone who is interested to come and try out scouting.

Scouts in Australia has 5 youth sections. These are:

  • Joeys - for 6 and 7 year olds - a chance to try new experiences and activities for 1 hour a week, plus occasional weekend activities

  • Cubs - for age 8 to 10.5 - exploring new horizons, learning teamwork and leadership skills, as well as practical skills for in the outdoors and at home

  • Scouts - for age 10.5 to 14.5 - a chance to put those teamwork and leaderships skills to use on larger activities, as well as trying some more adventurous activities such as abseiling, caving, flying, hiking and more!

  • Venturers - for age 14.5 to 18 - ever wanted to go SCUBA diving, water skiing, or even actual skiing? The possibilities are limitless, and with the Venturers running their own program the sky is the limit. You also have access to some amazing service opportunities, and some of the award scheme for this section can even count towards year 12 and your ATAR

  • Rovers - for age 18 to 25 - A fully self-governing section, run by the members. A chance to give back to the community while still having fun and learning more new skills. With regular opportunities for national and international activities, as well as endless local events, it is a fantastic place to stay connected to the community.

We welcome new members in every section. For more information about when we meet, please see the section information page. To get in touch and arrange a time to try out scouting, head to the contact us page.

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